Rye Coalition - 'Chariots on Fire' EP

Buy this… if you like the sound of the Foo Fighters.

Album Review by Jon Seller | 17 Mar 2006
Album title: 'Chariots on Fire' EP
Artist: Rye Coalition
Label: Gern Blandsten
This 4-track EP from New Jersey quartet Rye Coalition was produced by Dave Grohl and it is therefore perhaps unsurprising that the Foos' shouty power-chord sound is replicated throughout. Grohl himself even co-wrote one of the tracks and completed his generous support quota by inviting the band along for the Foos' European tour. Unfortunately for the 'Coalition this does little to disguise what is essentially a poor imitation of their super-massive peers. As a Case and point, opener Young Yellers is just like the Foo Fighters. Following offering Pussy Footin' sounds similarly familiar. Gone with the Windshield (co-written by Grohl) once again uncannily waltzes along in Foos fashion… you get the idea. Buy this… if you like the shouty rock tactics of Grohl's boys. [Jon Seller]
This EP is released on Feb 20. http://www.ryecoalition.com