Purity Ring – graves

Enigmatic duo Purity Ring return with EP graves, but mostly play it safe

Album Review by Anita Bhadani | 01 Jun 2022
  • Purity Ring - Graves
Album title: graves
Artist: Purity Ring
Label: The Fellowship
Release date: 3 Jun

Canadian duo Purity Ring have a somewhat enigmatic presence, with their sound falling under the label of everything from dreampop to witch house over the years. Their latest seven-track EP graves follows 2020’s WOMB, and comes a whole decade after acclaimed debut, Shrines

On the opening title track, a piano riff compellingly repeats throughout the song, guiding us through echoing, encircling synths. Drawing from classic piano-led house music, it feels fresh and is distinctively Purity Ring. However, after an alluring start, the EP starts to feel a bit samey, with one track blending into the next.

Towards the end, track watersong provides an energising break, with synths sounding like reverberating rain droplets. Closing track xsalt is piano with stillness, and the birdsong at the end is a nice touch. It’s an intriguingly meditative way to end: the contrast of natural elements with electronic sound is something that might have been interesting to explore further.

Ultimately while graves is a perfectly fine EP, it's also a mostly safe one. The duo peak in the moments where they innovate with their trademark sound – but here, these moments are sadly sparse: it feels like a missed opportunity.

Listen to: graves, watersong

Listen to: graves, watersong