Pinky Suavo – Go for the Gills EP

Single Review by David Bowes | 21 Jun 2011
  • Pinky Suavo - Go for the Gills EP
Single title: Go for the Gills EP
Artist: Pinky Suavo
Label: Survivalist Records
Release date: Out Now

When your name is taken from an episode of Pinky and the Brain, it’s an immediate sign of genius, an appraisal that’s backed up by the high standard of this Edinburgh quartet’s melodically-inclined post-hardcore. The opening, Bear Grylls-baiting punch involves equal measures Dismemberment Plan and Idlewild, the resulting concoction being simultaneously intoxicating and bewildering, and this thread of combining disparate influences serves them well throughout.

These songs carry a sense of schizophrenic energy, pulling in the opposite directions of pop sensibility and wilful abandon to create four tracks (well, three really) that have all the wit and technical charm of post-hardcore’s elite, with Hooks proving the most apt at ensnaring the listen in its… well, just look at what it’s called. [David Bowes]