Outblinker – Pink / Blue

Single Review by Ross Watson | 28 May 2015
  • Outblinker – Pink / Blue
Single title: Pink / Blue
Artist: Outblinker
Label: Good Grief
Release date: 15 Jun

It's hardly surprising that Outblinker's membership – the brothers Graham and Jason of Young Philadelphia, local producer Luigi Pasquini of noise duo Kabobo and members of Foreign Tongue / Hey Enemy – come from a largely DIY punk background. The repetitive glitch which fades into their debut EP's Pink side is soon joined by a mischevous guitar riff, purposeful drums and quirky synthesizers.

The jam becomes more distorted, playful (and yes, more punk) the further it pans out – then comes a breakdown at the seven-minute mark that turns the entire preceding section on its head. Their German influences are obvious; then again, Can never sounded this disgruntled.

Blue loosens the tense mood – rolling drum patterns are coupled with eerie tones and buzzing synths. It's a b-side with purpose, wrapping up their impressive mission statement in a heavily scenic, ponderous instrumental. This is slick, modern kraut for an uneasy Britain, and it doesn't need words to say so – the music speaks for itself. [Ross Watson]

Playing Glasgow Stereo on 13 Jun and Electric Fields, Drumlanrig Castle on 29 Aug http://facebook.com/outblinker