Nespresco - Occam's Razor EP

Single Review by Finbarr Bermingham | 26 Aug 2009
  • Nespresco - Occam's Razor EP
Single title: Occam's Razor
Artist: Nespresco
Label: Self-Released
Release date: Out Now

Piano-led rock has rarely flourished of late in Scotland. With their debut EP, Glasgow’s Nespresco go against the grain, doggedly and sometimes successfully. Occam’s Razor is a mix of introspective bass heavy blues and singalong pop songs that remain enjoyable without ever encroaching on unchartered territory. It’s all very pleasant and heartfelt, and lead singer David Campbell’s honeyed voice proves the perfect accompaniment to the ivories on occasion. But even over four tracks, there’s an element of repetition. If anything, Occam’s Razor shows that UK bands can tackle the genre sans cringe (I’m looking at you, Toploader), whilst ensuring ears will be perked up in anticipation of a long player. Whether their formula is sustainable over that distance remains to be seen.

Supporting Charlotte Hatherley at King Tut's on 18 Sep.