Moddi – Rubbles EP

Single Review by Alan Souter | 26 Oct 2010
  • Moddi – Rubbles EP
Single title: Rubbles EP
Artist: Moddi
Label: Propeller Recordings
Release date: 25 Oct

A taster for a forthcoming album, Moddi is Norwegian born and bred Pal Moddi Knutsen who, judging by this EP, has a strong sense of identity with a firm grasp on traditional arrangements and instruments, but with an altogether contemporary output. Opener Rubbles could be mistaken for The Decemberists before they embarked on their metal crusade, with Knutsen’s vocals ranging from delicate beauty to roaring beast over a full-bodied accordion accompaniment.

Magpie Eggs and Moonchild lack the same emotional heft as the opener but expand the palette of instrumentation with a shift to gentle guitars, piano and some inspiring string arrangements. Floriography returns to the accordion with sinister results, fans of fantasy-like grandeur in the vein of Sigur Rós could do worse than track down this release. [Alan Souter]