Goth GF – Spooky Bitch EP

The debut EP from Glasgow trio Goth GF is a blur of riot grrrl energy and DIY spirit

Album Review by Katie Hawthorne | 06 Apr 2020
  • Goth GF – Spooky Bitch EP
Album title: Spooky Bitch EP
Artist: Goth GF
Label: Self-released
Release date: 12 Apr

Awoooo! Goth GF’s debut EP Spooky Bitch is a high-kickin’, janky joyride. The Glasgow three-piece specialise in chaotic, ramshackle sludge that veers recklessly between doom, garage-rock and country, fuelled by total riot grrrl energy. Hannah Morice, who fronts the band, has the gothy flamboyance of Noel Fielding – but most importantly enough charm to endear any audience to Goth GF’s very fast, very loud, fully eccentric live shows.

Spooky Bitch captures much of their ride-or-die DIY spirit; imaginatively titled opener INTRO is a hectic, punchy jumble of feedback and heavy riffs with so much reverbed shouting it’s basically a candlelit tribute to Kathleen Hanna. What Do Want From Me is a high-octane punk-rock headbanger, and closer Goth GF breaks it down before running head-first into the record’s most frantic assault.

The EP’s total triumph, though, is Horse Girl. A six-minute piss-take multi-genre odyssey, it’s silly, addictive and completely unpredictable. 'I came out of my mother at an extended trot', shrieks Morice, 'And when I die […] just turn me into fucking glue, I’m a horse girl'. An unpolished, loveably bonkers debut from a brilliantly weird new band, you’ll find us howling at the moon outside Goth GF’s next show. 

Listen to: Horse Girl, Goth GF