Eyes of Others – Lust Unrequited EP

Edinburgh producer Eyes of Others joins forces with a transatlantic list of collaborators on a sugary, vivacious new EP

Album Review by Alexander Smail | 16 Apr 2018
  • Eyes of Others – Lust Unrequited
Album title: Lust Unrequited
Artist: Eyes of Others
Label: Mange_Moi
Release date: 20 Apr

Edinburgh native Eyes of Others’ new EP is a transatlantic mixtape, a hypnotic collaboration with imprints from Europe, America, and the Middle East. John Bryden's first release under label Mange_Moi, the local producer lays down a malleable foundation for the project with Lust Unrequited (Original Mix) – as sinister and seedy as its title suggests. Menacing earthy synths and an unintelligible vocal melody float atop hi-hats, claps, and kick drums, opening up into a beat that twists and turns around the four words that shape the EP: 'lust for unrequited love.'

From this fertile base, Eyes of Others’ collaborators cast the song into their own image. Mugwump’s remix fares the best of the three, crawling out to an almost ten minute epic that stalks and skulks around an elastic ostinato lead. Elsewhere, California outfit Sordid Sound System kicks off with a screaming siren that soon dissolves into ambient whirling and whooshing for their airborne mix, whilst Tel Aviv producer Maya Danon’s wordless take strips the track bare to its bones and muscle. Bereft of vocals, and anatomically unfussy, it’s a welcome chaser to the preceding triple shot. And, at the end of the day, that’s what this EP is: a sugary burst of verve that remains in your system longer than you’d care to admit.

Listen to: Lust Unrequited (Original Mix), Lust For Unrequited Dub (Mugwump Erratic Throw Remix)