Esben and the Witch – Marching Song EP

Single Review by Paul Neeson | 24 Sep 2010
  • Esben and the Witch – Marching Song EP
Single title: Marching Song EP
Artist: Esben and the Witch
Label: Matador
Release date: 11 Oct

Brighton trio Esben and the Witch may still be fairly fresh out of the box, however they’re already carving a niche for themselves between the baroque, banshee-pop of Florence and the Machine and the soul-seducing spiritualism of Bat for Lashes. The Marching Song EP, continues their somewhat fantastical adventure with some grandiose drama. Led by Rachel Davies otherworldly siren wail, the EP’s title track emerges from amidst a cavern of reverb with thunderous drums and cindering feedback. It’s a heady concoction which echoes with lesser intensity through Done Because We Are Too Manny (sic) and Souvenirs, though remains upfront and intense. One suspects that Esben’s mix may be a little too potent for the mainstream, though underground success surely beckons. [Paul Neeson]


Playing Captain's Rest, Glasgow on 12 Nov