Dirty Projectors - Temecula Sunrise EP

Single Review by Paul Mitchell | 23 Sep 2009
Single title: Temecula Sunrise EP
Artist: Dirty Projectors
Label: Domino Records
Release date: 28 Sep

Call this a bite-size Bitte Orca if you will...two of the 'easier tracks' on a very accomplished album alongside a couple of previously unreleased songs from the same sessions. Dave Longstreth and cohorts' mission to fuse, meld and distort genres to the point of joyful schizophrenia continues unabated. Cannibal Resource and Temecula Sunrise are Dirty Projectors at their most accessible. Upbeat, acoustic, groovy and gloriously disembodied they are joined on the EP by the similarly eccentric Ascending Melody. Layers of percussion, tambourine and vocals rising and collapsing against each other with abandon. Emblem of the World appears as an insouciant sibling of their recent David Byrne collaboration, Knotty Pine. Simple rhythms adorned with fantastically surreal vocals. Impressive indeed.