Dance Lazarus Dance - Lies EP

Album Review by Jason Morton | 06 Oct 2008
  • Dance Lazarus Dance - Lies EP
Album title: Lies EP
Artist: Dance Lazarus Dance
Label: Predestination
Release date: 6 Oct

The dance-punk umbrella seems to be ever-expanding, and the latest addition is Glasgow’s own Dance Lazurus Dance. With a playful façade – tracks collected here include Take That Jesus and Faxing Me, Faxing You – it’s almost surprising to hear the competent musicianship exhibited on DLD’s debut EP. Whilst certainly informed by other electro-infused acts such as the Klaxons, the band sets itself apart with an emotive – and distinctly Scottish – vocal style, bolstering a sense of urgency already proffered by their frenetic pace. The angular guitars and ever-present synth hooks call to mind a less-prog Minus the Bear, but to dismiss DLD as playful emulation is faulty, and Lies is a fine start to finding out why. [Jason Morton]

Dance Lazarus Dance play Indie Club Together at Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh on 23 Oct.