Chuchoter – Pieces EP

Chuchoter reach far greater heights on their new EP Pieces, as their explorative electro-pop is played out to full effect

Album Review by Nadia Younes | 23 Jul 2018
  • Chuchoter – Pieces EP
Album title: Pieces EP
Artist: Chuchoter
Label: Spinnup
Release date: 27 Jul

Named after the Spanish word for whisper, Edinburgh-based duo Chuchoter are anything but quiet, and their new EP Pieces proves just that.

Launching straight in with dark, warped synths and distorted, echoing vocals on EP opener Back Again, the track builds up to a massive dancefloor-ready chorus, following the declaration from vocalist Emily Smith, 'I refuse to be contained.' Smith and producer Owen McAllister’s explorative electro-pop is played out to full effect on Pieces and contained they certainly are not.

Smith’s lyrics and vocal tones cover a breadth of emotion, flitting between the soft and vulnerable ('You tell me to stay / So I go nowhere,' she sings on This Time Round) to the fierce and brutal ('I’ll tear you apart / And then I’ll look inside,' she threatens on Pieces), while the weight of McAllister’s production allows her to do so seamlessly. Gorilla sees all these elements perfectly entwined, with its emotive lyrics and glowing production; its slow-burning intro leading to its synth-shimmering chorus making for the stuff of pop brilliance.

Chuchoter’s brand of pop music feels as big as it is gritty, and these are songs that could just as much be heard on Top 40 radio as they could be played out in sweaty, underground clubs. Building on the sound of their debut EP Credo, Chuchoter have reached far greater heights with Pieces, and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the future.

Listen to: Back Again, Gorilla