Cancel the Astronauts – Funny For A Girl EP

Single Review by Billy Hamilton | 18 Aug 2010
  • Cancel the Astronauts - Funny For A Girl EP
Single title: Funny For A Girl
Artist: Cancel the Astronauts
Label: Riley
Release date: Out Now

Despite being one of Edinburgh’s most underrated bands, Cancel the Astronauts like to sound mighty triumphant. EP number two, Funny For A Girl, finds the quintet pressing on from the indie-pop angles of their debut, adding an intelligent edge to their hook-friendly shtick.

Striding to infectious blasts of Korg and percussion, cuts like She Said She Loved Someone Else and Things I Shouldn’t Tell You have more surge than a jet propelled Usain Bolt. But it’s not all peddle to the floor; the beatific Standing Still is a honey-coated lament that suggesta Cancel the Astronauts are ready to make their mark. [Billy Hamilton]


Playing Electric Circus, Edinburgh on 11 Oct