Burnt Island - Music and Maths EP

Single Review by Chris Buckle | 19 Mar 2010
Single title: Music and Maths
Artist: Burnt Island
Label: Chaffinch
Release date: Out Now

To Music and Maths, add a double period of English, for Burnt Island’s debut is a decidedly literary affair. Led by author Rodge Glass and partly inspired by David Foster Wallace, you’d expect great lyrics at the very least, and Glass doesn’t disappoint, with the slight A New Start the bittersweet peak. Musically, his band match the high standard: the title track’s soulful swells and the flute and viola soaked opening croon A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again are the highlights, but in truth there isn’t a misplaced note to be found. Amber Comerford’s harmonising tones on the likes of Man On Fire add a welcome additional texture, and the overall effect is one of modest splendour. [Chris Buckle]

Burnt Island play with Alan Bissett, Adam Stafford, The Kays Lavelle and Jamie Sturrock at the Roxy Arthouse on 26 March.