Astral Planes – Sit Still Child EP

Album Review by Alan Souter | 03 Jun 2010
  • Astral Planes – Sit Still Child
Album title: Sit Still Child
Artist: Astral Planes
Label: Lucky Number Nine / Say Dirty Records
Release date: 14 Jun

How nice it would be to never outgrow those formative years, when music was music, cool was cool, and being a fan was just that with no regard for a canonised history of popular music or trying to second guess a hastily evolving critical-cultural dialogue.

Wrapped in a romantic magnetism, Astral Planes lure you in with their cocky swagger, surf guitars, and studious Spector-doting production. Not to mention six bullet-proof pop songs, the best of which is Doris Day with its relentless rhythm only pausing for shrill cries of “How absurd! How obscene!” in its trashy post-punk bliss. Shut the Door successfully recreates that infamous ‘wall of sound’ with layers of gorgeous harmonies, reverb-heavy guitars and slap-delay bass. Sit still child? Not a chance. [Alan Souter]


Playing West End Festival (at Brel), Glasgow on 18 June and T Break Stage at T in the Park on 10 Jul.