A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Nitetime Rainbows EP

Single Review by Chris Buckle | 19 Apr 2010
  • A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Nitetime Rainbows EP
Single title: Nitetime Rainbows EP
Artist: A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Label: Mis Ojos Discos
Release date: 26 April

A Sunny Day In Glasgow have some funny ideas about what constitutes an album. Apparently, inclusion on last year’s Ashes Grammar wasn’t enough for Nitetime Rainbows, a dreamy distillation of the Philadelphia nu-gazer’s sound that apparently “always struck the band as a song that could be its own album”. So here it is again along with three remixes and a trio of new songs (including its thematic sequel, Daytime Rainbows). And, surprisingly, it works as a standalone release, the remixes sufficiently differentiated to stop them cloying when encountered in succession, and the new tracks proffering intriguingly intricate textures and ripples. Its success is as unexpected and pleasing as their namesake - still unmistakably a stop-gap release, but a rather good one.[Chris Buckle]

A Sunny Day in Glasgow play Nice 'n' Sleazy, Glasgow on 15 May