Yves Tumor – Heaven to a Tortured Mind

Yves Tumor's fantastic new record sends the message that there's always calmness to be found amid chaos

Album Review by Nadia Younes | 02 Apr 2020
  • Yves Tumor – Heaven to a Tortured Mind
Album title: Heaven to a Tortured Mind
Artist: Yves Tumor
Label: WARP
Release date: 3 Apr

There are two things you can always expect from Yves Tumor: noise and chaos. The strained vocal delivery and the warped synth effects would certainly form a fitting soundtrack for a Safdie brothers film. But there’s often beauty to be found in chaos, and Yves Tumor always manages to find it.

The title of Tumor’s latest album, Heaven to a Tortured Mind, seems apt then, and feels particularly poignant in such troubling times. Not a single emotion is spared, as manic meltdowns (Medicine Burn) blend into polished pop (Kerosene!) and moments of melancholy (Romanticist) – all of this depicting a mind running riot.

It’s through this chaos and emotional warfare, though, that Tumor appears to find peace. Whether it’s thrashing around in a pile of sand at fashion shows (see: Hood By Air’s June 2016 show) or starting mosh pits in Berghain, it all feels like some sort of release. A tortured mind needs reprieve after all, and this is Tumor’s.

Heaven to a Tortured Mind plays out like a message that in amongst the chaos there’s a calm to soothe you through it, and it’s a calm we all need right now. 

Listen to: Romanticist, Super Stars