Younghusband – Dissolver

Album Review by Stuart Lewis | 14 Oct 2015
Album title: Dissolver
Artist: Younghusband
Label: ATP Recordings
Release date: 30 Oct

This is Younghusband's sophomore effort after making a decent fist of updating the Mary Chain's apocalyptic 80s drone on their 2013 debut. In its own right, Dissolver is a decent little record – ten tracks of enjoyably propulsive psychedelia. But it doesn't push the London quartet on much at all. Most of the tracks on offer struggle to develop a distinct personality, leaving the band to occupy a similar space to Brighton's TOY, who bring just a little more light and shade to the party.

The closing title track at least makes the journey worthwhile. Scraping past six minutes, it's positively epic on a relatively short album, allowing the outfit to open up their sound, flex the pedals and build up an extended rhythmic jam that challenges you not to nod to every beat. A few more numbers like this wouldn't have gone amiss, but it's a last minute suggestion that their potential might be rising. [Stuart Lewis]