Yossarians – Fabric of Time

Album Review by Simon Jay Catling | 13 Mar 2017
  • Yossarians - Fabric of Time
Album title: Fabric of Time
Artist: Yossarians
Label: Self-released
Release date: 1 Jan

'Suffer me, or suffer the consequence,' snarls Tim Schiazza during the thunderous Birthday Party-esque tumult of second track Suffer Me. For most of Fabric of Time, Yossarians' lead singer plays prophet and storyteller, but it’s the glimpse of a red mist that suggests something more malicious.

A fixture within Manchester for several years now, it’s this edge that’s always made Yossarians gripping live. The sort of band seemingly made up entirely of members of other bands, theirs is a slightly misfit-ish, grim camaraderie onstage; a chemically-fuelled collective force that could either sway towards a party or a fight.

Bar Suffer Me, that tension is subtler here, Fabric of Time instead expanding on the group’s impressive array of musical chops. With lyrical themes that dance with the cosmos and human perception, Yossarians rollick through gypsy folk, freaknik psych, rockabilly, and even balladry on No Closer (though there’s no love story to be found in the words 'they tortured and raped, and emptied our heads'). It’s a tantalising, teasing record from a band who understand the art of not showing your full hand.  

Listen to: Suffer Me, I Have Eyes