Yim Yames - A Tribute To George Harrison

Album Review by Duncan Forgan | 29 Jul 2009
  • Yim Yames - A Tribute To George Harrison
Album title: A Tribute to George Harrison
Artist: Yim Yames
Label: Rough Trade
Release date: 3 Aug

It may appeal most to devoted My Morning Jacket fans, but this six song requiem for George Harrison deserves a wider audience. Recorded solo and acoustically by MMJ’s tremulous mainman Jim James just after the Beatle’s untimely demise from cancer in 2001, these understated takes on some of Harrison’s greatest songs are delicate and suitably reverential. James’s song selection is predictable enough – there’s four from Harrison’s solo masterpiece All Things Must Pass including the title track and the hit My Sweet Lord and two from his time with that other mob – but there’s little that’s perfunctory about his delivery. Versions of All Things Must Pass and Behind That Locked Door are vulnerable but honeyed. Best of all, however, is James’ reading of the Fabs-era Long Long Long – his reverb-swathed vocals injecting the unsung track with an additional dose of ethereal moodiness. Lovely stuff.