Yeasayer - All Hour Cymbals

Take a chance on All Hour Cymbals before it becomes just another hipster record of choice.

Album Review by Barry Jackson | 07 Nov 2007
  • All Hour Cymbals
Album title: All Hour Cymbals
Artist: Yeasayer
Label: Monitor
World music. Two words destined to strike fear through the heart of asymmetrical-fringed indie-kids everywhere. And yes, All Hour Cymbals contains plenty of influences from the four corners of the globe that even extend to a liberal smattering of Gregorian chanting. But the Beta Band were partial to their fair share of that, and weren't loved any less for the fact. Whether you take to New York's Yeasayer or not, one thing's for certain: there will not be another record like it in 2007. Each one of these tunes creates a solid groove that never fails to draw you in; case-in-point being album opener Sunrise, a song that could have fit easily onto Primal Scream's Screamadelica. Elsewhere, bongos, sitars and accordions rub shoulders with jangly guitars to create an unlikely but intoxicating mix. The track mostly likely to sway the doubters, however, is 2080, an exhilarating number which sounds something akin to the Arcade Fire led by Peter Gabriel with CSNY on backing vocals - all recorded in space. Don't be scared, kids, take a chance on All Hour Cymbals before the hipsters claim it for themselves. (Barry Jackson)

Release Date: 4 Nov
Yeasayer play The Hive, Edinburgh on 14 Nov