Yard Act – Where’s My Utopia?

The Leeds outfit have created a nostalgic and authentic vibe on their latest record, tackling difficult topics and recalling personal stories with humour and charisma

Album Review by Emma Cooper-Raeburn | 26 Feb 2024
  • Yard Act – Where’s My Utopia?
Album title: Where's My Utopia?
Artist: Yard Act
Label: Island
Release date: 1 Mar

Following the major success of their 2022 debut album, The Overload, that earned them the number two spot in the UK Albums Chart, post-punk rockers Yard Act are now set to release their second record, Where’s My Utopia? Co-produced between the band and Gorillaz drummer Remi Kabaka Jr, the album uses cynical storytelling and dark humour to focus on topics such as capitalism, gentrification and social class. We Make Hits centres around a pair of hitmen who get jobs as assassins for Holy Global Enterprises, while tracks like Dream Job and An Illusion spotlight frontman James Smith’s experiences of feeling guilt while struggling with the band’s success.  

Smith acknowledges his growth throughout with a sense of responsibility and ambition forming the backbone narrative of the album. Disco and rock elements are clear throughout, and every song takes the listener on a new journey through Smith’s storytelling. Down By the Stream discusses bullying and abuse, while Blackpool Illuminations is a seven-minute track about Smith’s childhood at the iconic event. It’s structures like Where’s My Utopia? that make an album stand out, as does its sense of hope and perseverance, with the overall message that one’s struggles and emotions are valid. 

Listen to: Dream Job, Petroleum, When The Laughter Stops (ft. Katy J Pearson)