Y'All is Fantasy Island - In Faceless Towns Forever

Free from all the machinations and pretensions of the music industry

Album Review by Nick Mitchell | 15 Jul 2006
Album title: In Faceless Towns Forever
Artist: Y'All is Fantasy Island
Label: Panic In Year Zero

Y'All is Fantasy Island hail from the increasingly musical (if faceless) town of Falkirk, and recorded debut LP 'In Faceless Towns Forever' during a single all-nighter session in an abandoned house last summer. The trio expand upon singer-songwriter Adam Stafford's sparse yet evocative acoustic creations with percussion, clarinet and the occasional, arresting thrash of electric guitar. For the most part, though, the mood is subdued and meditative, slipping from the poignant I Bet You're Flying Inside through the 60s-sounding lament of That We Are All Doomed to the Ry Cooder-esque slide guitar of Culdra. While it sometimes wanes in its very mellowness, 'In Faceless Towns Forever' is a testament to the extraordinary creative possibilities afforded by a few friends getting together and putting their heart into the music, free from all the machinations and pretensions of the music industry. [Nick Mitchell]

In Faceless Towns Forever' is out now.
Y'all is Fantasy Island play Forest Cafe, Edinburgh on June 15 and The Swamp at Caledonian Backpackers, Edinburgh on June 24

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