XAM Duo – XAM Duo

Album Review by Tallah Brash | 28 Oct 2016
  • XAM Duo – XAM Duo
Album title: XAM Duo
Artist: XAM Duo
Label: Sonic Cathedral
Release date: 4 Nov

XAM Duo is the self-titled debut from Hookworms' Matthew Benn and Deadwall’s Christopher Duffin. Comprising six tracks in total, it’s a collection of ambient improvisations where synths meet saxophones – scuzzy, jazz-tinged, bleepy, and in places, euphoric.

At 23 minutes long, I Extend My Arms Pt I & II is a highlight, gradually building over an unnerving drone before getting squelchy and dark midway through, gradually morphing into a glorious Dan Deacon-esque pounder that's easy to get lost in; the similarly epic René (a mere 18 minutes this time) brings proceedings to a perfect close. It isn't always the easiest of listens, but persistence pays off: XAM Duo is ultimately very rewarding.

Listen to: I Extend My Arms Pt I & II