worriedaboutsatan – Blank Tape

Album Review by Ed Bottomley | 30 Nov 2016
  • worriedaboutsatan: Blank Tape
Album title: Blank Tape
Artist: worriedaboutsatan
Label: This Is It Forever
Release date: Out now

It’s a risk some artists take, to release so much of their output: all too often, they ultimately spread themselves too thin. How worriedaboutsatan remain so prolific – as they unveil perhaps their most consistent and accessible set of songs yet – goes beyond being uncommon. It’s precious.

As the culmination of a decade spent combining the abstract, melancholic beauty of experimental rock music with hypermodern, wintery electronica, it won’t necessarily be the specifics of the ten tracks on Blank Tape that are immediately memorable, but it’s the hypnotic intensity and restless, pulsating layers of percussion and icy arpeggiated synths, tying each song to the next, that will really get under your skin.

Though this record is a story largely told with sounds, moods, and textures, the vocal features of Vincent Cavanagh and Face+Heel directly address to the listener, emotionally checking in, whether experienced during a 3am warehouse slot or during the anxious contemplation of the night bus home.