Woodenbox – Foreign Organ

Album Review by Duncan Harman | 02 Jun 2015
  • Woodenbox – Foreign Organ
Album title: Foreign Organ
Artist: Woodenbox
Label: Olive Grove
Release date: 8 Jun

Occupying similar nouveau folk territory to the likes of Aberfeldy or Admiral Fallow, Woodenbox’s third full-length sees Ali Downer's men in contemplative mood. A disc beholden to spring flavours, each melody supple, the waves of sax and flute and trumpet embedded across songs such as Life Decays or the dreamy auspices of Carbon Mold gifting balance; a most vernal punctuation.

The rich instrumentation here is impressive, any lack in immediacy compensated by inherent detail. Opening track Somewhere New is a beautiful, piano-driven instrumental that belongs in a movie set in Paris; More Girl Than Friend rides on lithe boy/girl vocals, whilst A9 North – like the road itself – is full of pleasing views and scenic touches.

Foreign Organ doesn’t always work, occasional tracks needing a jolt to make them truly come awake, the lyrics passive, a touch insubstantial. But it is a pleasing record, touched by sun, and most importantly a proverbial grower. 

Playing Nice N Sleazy on 5 Jun http://facebook.com/woodenboxband