Wolf People – Steeple

Album Review by Oisín Kealy | 23 Sep 2010
  • Wolf People – Steeple
Album title: Steeple
Artist: Wolf People
Label: Jagjaguwar
Release date: 11 Oct

Occupying the intersection between folk, rock, psychedelia and blues, you might be able to see why the name Wolf People appealed to this band. Seemingly halfway between man and beast, destined to be described in compounded noun-chains. Silbury Sands calls to mind The Black Keys taking on the Moody Blues or Pentangle, there is an appreciation for the drama and mystery of folk while an understanding that it needn’t be played on a lute; scuzzed out guitar soars over the song while choral harmonies launch themselves upwards.  

There’s something a little wild about this band, if not entirely lupine certainly more than a bit hairy. Painted Cross’s determined, walking guitar and vocal interplay is deceptively simple, but contains an energy and confidence in its delivery that’s impossible to deny. It’s the funky flute riff of Tiny Circles, though, which makes the album, an unlikely but astounding addition to their arsenal. [Oisín Kealy]