Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life

Visions of a Life successfully brings together a variety of influences to create 12 eclectic songs that each carry Wolf Alice's signature sound

Album Review by Bella Spencer | 25 Sep 2017
Album title: Visions of a Life
Artist: Wolf Alice
Label: Dirty Hit
Release date: 29 Sep

Wolf Alice have transformed since their 2013 single, Fluffy. The four-piece from North London have unfurled from their musical chrysalis, spreading each wing into a different genre, and the similarities between this alt-rock album and a butterfly don’t stop there. While some tracks – such as the opening melody of St. Purple & Green and Ellie Rowsell’s vocal on Don’t Delete the Kisses – include moments of serenity, the trashing drums and riff on Yuk Foo will leave you all in a flutter.

Visions of a Life addresses each milestone of a relationship, from deep lust to extreme bitterness. The track order prevents the linearity of a classic love album and instead leaves you feeling caught up in an emotional whirlwind. Yuk Foo is brimming with resentment and should be prescribed to anyone suffering from excess teenage angst, while Beautifully Unconventional and Don’t Delete the Kisses are the perfect anthems for a developing crush.

Wolf Alice have always been masters at lulling you into a gentle melody then pulling you out without apology, and this album is no exception. The album caters for all – there are heavy tracks for hardcore fans and songs with a more approachable indie feel for those who need a gentle introduction to the ways of the Wolf. So sit back, relax and scream to your hearts content.

Listen to: Beautifully Unconventional, Don’t Delete the Kisses, Formidable Cool