Within Temptation – Resist

Cohesive and passionate, Resist is yet another jewel in Within Temptation's crown

Album Review by Mark McConville | 11 Dec 2018
  • Within Temptation – Resist
Album title: Resist
Artist: Within Temptation
Label: Spinefarm Records
Release date: 14 Dec

Seasoned symphonic act Within Temptation search for clarity. The Dutch band, led by enigmatic vocalist Sharon den Adel, enchant with burgeoning guitar riffs and emotive lyricism; the raucous sound is still evident too. Burning desire still sparks in the bellies of this discerning unit of musicians. New record Resist is another chapter in the fable, the seventh addition to a collection all diverse in melody and subject.

Den Adel has the voice of an angel at times, although she can switch it; she can sing elegantly until she needs to break, until the vocal cords stretch. This is a talent many don’t possess. From the beginning of Resist, Den Adel bellows through the thickness of the atmosphere, sending her thoughts and feelings across the line between love and hate, which feature predominately on the album. She describes people who have become traitors and, throughout the poetic wholesomeness, embarks on giving us a clear picture of her strained mindset. The floodgates appear to be open, the darkness streaming through the blitz of light, and demons are tapping and scraping.

Pessimism is apparent also. Beliefs are rooted, but optimism shatters into miniscule pieces. The record entrances, but there’s an underlying sorrow, making it an album of two faces. On every record prior to Resist, Within Temptation told us stories – now they’re delivering their darkest secrets. Through Den Adel’s wonderful voice, we hear moments of tragedy; we hear blunt statements.

Symphony and volatility merge on Resist. Guitars and drumbeats intertwine, buzzing and frequent, giving the record that ultimate shine. Opening track The Reckoning is a powerful start, with roars and an infectious chorus. Broken memories are explored, blood and tears mixed. Den Adel raises her vocals to an admirable pitch. Supernova gains momentum when the instrumentals pulsate like a million hearts. She sings beautifully yet again, sending her momentous range through the stars and beyond; she’s waiting for a last goodbye. Mad World conveys a bitter hatred towards a world in flames, the chorus a blast of desire and hope. Those powerful riffs rekindle the spirit. Across it all, Den Adel leaves her mark with her fearless vocals. Within Temptation nourish symphonic metal yet again on Resist. Their music is always cohesive and passionate.

Listen to: The Reckoning, Supernova