Wild Nothing – Life Of Pause

Album Review by Claire Francis | 28 Jan 2016
  • Wild Nothing – Life Of Pause
Album title: Life Of Pause
Artist: Wild Nothing
Label: Bella Union
Release date: 19 Feb

Life of Synth may have been a more apt title for Wild Nothing’s third record, cultivated as it is around layers of woozy electronic timbres. Nowhere is this better delineated than on opening track Reichpop, an energising, effervescent jumble that circumvents its stern title with layers of drums, marimba and a merry multitude of synth-produced pops, whirrs and bubbles.

It’s a statement of intent from Wild Nothing’s architect, singer-songwriter and Virginia native Jack Tatum, who lead with the group’s guitar-pop debut Gemini before sophomore album Nocturne saw the outfit evolve towards a more sophisticated, intricate sound. The evolution continues with Life of Pause, and it’s largely successful, though with a few fumbles – Tatum’s commitment to detail and texture invigorate tracks like RnB foray A Woman’s Wisdom, but leave the meandering Alien and the languid title track feeling bogged down and bloated. Perhaps it isn't quite a fully realised picture, but Life of Pause still paints a very pretty sonic landscape.