White Denim - Fits

Album Review by Austin Tasseltine | 20 May 2009
  • White Denim - Fits
Album title: Fits
Artist: White Denim
Label: Full Time Hobby
Release date: 22 Jun

Given the editorial constraints of the average Skinny review it'd be hard even to simply list the genres and bands whose influences shine through on the excellent modern rock cacophony that is White Denim without running horribly over the word-count. This, technically their third album, sports more of the frantic, exploratory brilliance that saw them evade every pigeon-hole imaginable since setting stereos on fire in 2008. Some of the more apparent comparisons can be seen in the Hendrix-aping Say What You Want and the Cream-era Clapton licks on Radio Milk How Can You Stand It. The one unifying theme in White Denim is Rock n' Roll. As cliched and passe as that may sound, it makes for compelling listening. White Denim are both massively retro and stubbornly inventive. Their sense of adventure is confidently blended with the unpredictable, making it hard - if not impossible - to dismiss Fits as another lost homage to 60s pioneers.

White Denim play The Skinny Stage (Upstairs at The Art School) at Stag & Dagger Festival, Glasgow on 23 May.