Wet Leg – Wet Leg

On their long-awaited debut album, Wet Leg perfectly capture the difficult feeling of drifting through life in early adulthood

Album Review by Nadia Younes | 04 Apr 2022
  • Wet Leg - Wet Leg
Album title: Wet Leg
Artist: Wet Leg
Label: Domino
Release date: 8 Apr

For a lot of people, there reaches a point in your late 20s when you start to realise that life isn’t panning out exactly as you’d imagined when you were younger. On their debut, self-titled record, Wet Leg have captured that difficult feeling of drifting through life in early adulthood, but always with a wry smile.

The Isle of Wight duo of Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers take us through days spent aimlessly lounging about (Chaise Longue), evenings spent aimlessly getting high at parties (Angelica), and late nights spent aimlessly scrolling through our phones (Oh No). There’s the times that you’re desperate to get out of any and all social plans (I Don’t Wanna Go Out), and there’s the times you fantasise about just simply making it out to the shop (Supermarket).

When it feels like life’s moving too fast, and that things are starting to get away from you, it doesn’t hurt to revel in the small things. Across their debut album, Wet Leg do exactly that and it makes those precious moments of nothingness feel that little bit more special.

Listen to: I Don’t Wanna Go Out, Ur Mum, Too Late Now