We Came From Wolves – We Came From Wolves

Album Review by Andrew Gordon | 27 May 2015
  • We Came From Wolves – We Came From Wolves
Album title: We Came From Wolves
Artist: We Came From Wolves
Label: Saraseto Records
Release date: 1 Jun

The debut effort from Scottish four-piece We Came From Wolves is a slick and consistently catchy collection of anthemic pop-rock songs written specifically for an audience already invested in exactly that. In that sense, it does exactly what it sets out to achieve; present and correct are the squeaky clean vocal harmonies, unison lead guitar parts and accessible, universal lyrics that made international successes of the likes of Fall Out Boy, and frontman Kyle James Burgess is generous and confident in doling out big choruses.

Arctic Monkeys are obvious another touchstone, Ruiner emulating their earlier disjointed swagger and Where’d Your Love Go? their post-Homme crunch. But nowhere to be found is the latter’s scathing wit or sense of identity; besides a song called Glasgow Stranger and a passing mention of using 'jumpers for goals', Wolves’ debut could’ve come from anywhere. A hearty serving of meat-and-potatoes power-chord rock that could do with some more imagination. 

Playing Glasgow O2ABC2 on 5 Jun and Glasgow King Tut's on 16 Jul http://wecamefromwolves.bandcamp.com