We Are Scientists - Brain Thrust Mastery

Just enough redeeming features to warrant the extension of an olive branch.

Album Review by Finbarr Bermingham | 06 Mar 2008
  • Brain Thrust Mastery
Album title: Brain Thrust Mastery
Artist: We Are Scientists
Label: Virgin
Call it snobbery, but this isn't quite what these ears expected. Though never the worst band in the world, there was always something strikingly smug about We Are Scientists' knowingly geeky exterior and loaded - if repetitive - tunes. It reeked of marketing strategy. So what's changed? From the Neo-Muse-esque opener, Ghouls, to the 80s embracing, Erasure-aping, Lethal Enforcer, Scientists are happy to display a host of old and new influences. Their weakness for a riff hasn't disappeared, but in Let's See It and the excellent single, After Hours, they've learned to tone it down; they realise you don't have to play it to death for it to catch on. Alas, there are still a few relative duds here (Impatient, That's What Counts) and lead singer Keith Murray still struggles occasionally when he opens his larynx. So while all is not quite forgiven, Brain Thrust Mastery has plenty of redeeming features to warrant the extension of an olive branch. [Finbarr Bermingham]
Release Date: 17 March
We Are Scientists play Barrowland, Glasgow on April 12th and Aberdeen Music Hall on 13 April 13 http://www.myspace.com/wearescientists