Viva Brother – Famous First Words

Album Review by Sam Wiseman | 18 Jul 2011
  • Viva Brother - Famous First Words
Album title: Famous First Words
Artist: Brother
Label: Geffen
Release date: 1 Aug

You could be forgiven for daring to hope that, in 2011, Britain was no longer producing bands who seem to believe that musical adventurousness begins and ends with plodding choruses set to played-to-death Stones riffs. But no. 'Viva' Brother are jaw-droppingly derivative, so much so that Famous First Words (see what they did there?) is like being forced to listen to a particularly awful, generic Britpop act that you somehow managed to avoid the first time around.

The formula marries the two most iconic styles of the era – Blur's high-pitched singalong choruses, and Oasis' beer-soaked guitar hooks – while surgically removing any residue of charm or personality. Even the lyrics sound like a parody of Noel Gallagher's nonsensical coke-addled musings (sample: “electric daydream, live while you die”. Pardon?). Avoid at all costs, unless you have a morbid urge to be reminded of just how reactionary and backwards indie rock can get. [Sam Wiseman]