Various Artists - Johnny Cash Remixed

Album Review by Ray Philp | 03 Jun 2009
  • Various Artists - Johnny Cash Remixed
Album title: Johnny Cash Remixed
Artist: Various Artists
Label: earMUSIC
Release date: 15 Jun

Before you recoil in horror at a posthumous Johnny Cash record with the word ‘remix’ attached, it’s worth remembering that an unlikely collaboration with Rick Rubin reinvigorated Cash’s autumn years rather successfully with a fresh sense of direction. However, your suspicions are justified, as, for one, Rubin had the advantage of Cash’s creative input at his disposal. Johnny Cash Remixed is an ignominious footnote to an otherwise admirable catalogue, as might be expected when Snoop Dogg is executive producer. The album is relentlessly farcical: a G-funk flavoured I Walk The Line completely baffles, and more disheartening still is Pete Rock’s obnoxious percussive addition to Folsom Prison Blues. Presumably to dissuade suggestions that this release might lack authenticity, John Carter Cash opines on the album sleeve that his father “...would have loved this remix record”. Would he fuck.