Tyrant Lizard Kings - Attack of The Tyrant Lizard Kings

blare this LP until your eardrums burst

Album Review by Gemma Slawson | 15 Feb 2006
Album title: Attack of the Tyrant Lizard Kings
Artist: Tyrant Lizard Kings
Label: Self-Released
This is real hellbilly rock n' roll – the Lizard Kings deliver fantastically raw vocal stylings (not a million miles away from Rob Zombie himself) and grinding guitar riffery aplenty. The Edinburgh boys heave together a molotov cocktail consisting of all the sounds of your favourite classic metal bands; it's hard, it's fast and of course it rocks harder than concrete. Standouts include Going Down In Flames, a drawling instrumental that pays homage to the original forefathers and speaks volumes of their technical ability. Another diamond in the rough is Black Knives, well-equipped with powerful lyrics and a slowburning build to a cacophony of white noise. Witness the shows, shell out some well-spent pounds and blare this LP until your eardrums burst. [Gemma Slawson]
Attack of the Tyrant Lizard Kings' is available now at all of the band's live shows. http://www.tyrantlizardkings.com