Turnover – Good Nature

Virginia Beach's Turnover continue to move on from their pop-punk origins on third album Good Nature

Album Review by Adam Turner-Heffer | 21 Aug 2017
Album title: Good Nature
Artist: Turnover
Label: Run for Cover
Release date: 25 Aug

One of this decade's most notable trends, however short-lived, has been the so-called "emo revival". There has been a slew of great emo-tinged pop-punk getting released over the last ten years, with many bands reaching an acute cult status for their troubles.

Virginia Beach's Turnover were certainly one of those bands, sitting alongside the likes of Title Fight or (more recently) Pinegrove, but interestingly, hardly any of these bands stick to the genre for very long. Turnover are a classic example: their 2013 debut Magnolia was a pop-punk masterpiece which was very highly received by "the scene". However, they immediately moved on with follow-up Peripheral Vision which saw the band move towards Real Estate-esque reverb-drenched indie-pop.

So here, on third LP Good Nature, the shackles are off. Dreamy frontman Austin Getz has fully embraced, like many others before him, a more developed, cleaner sound from his band's earlier snot-nosed exploits. There is nothing wrong with this – all good artists should aspire to progression over their oeuvre – it's just that there's now less to distinguish Turnover from, say, Real Estate, when their earlier pop-punk material was exciting if not a little generic. Good Nature plods along at a pleasant pace, but there's nothing here you won't have heard elsewhere before.

Listen to: Super Natural, What Got in the Way, Living Small