Trembling Bells – The Sovereign Self

Album Review by Luisa Brown | 26 Jun 2015
  • Trembling Bells – The Sovereign Self
Album title: The Sovereign Self
Artist: Trembling Bells
Label: Tin Angel Records
Release date: 29 Jun

The reverberant, harrowing and cathartic vocals of Lavinia Blackwall stretch opener ’Tween the Womb and The Tomb to sheer fullness as she literally sings her soul out to heavy bass and guitar grooves. Eight minutes long, a full delay and distortion driven, immersive experience with humongous builds and sparsities; chant, improvisation, grubby riffs, and organ grinds; it feels like you've just listened to an entire album – what, there’s more!?

Three years since their concessive, power-run of hit releases and Trembling Bells are back in ever-perfect form with psychedelic, acid rock and hints of Americana defining the real essence of their name. Killing Time in London Fields’ incessant riff rips through electric guitar improvs and the energy is unbeatable. The Sovereign Self is drenched in originality and can’t escape a constant high – Trembling Bells have so much to give and they’re having so much fun here; this will no doubt be insane live. [Luisa Brown]

Playing Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh on 25 Jul