Tobacco – Maniac Meat

Album Review by Alan Souter | 09 Jun 2010
  • Tobacco – Maniac Meat
Album title: Maniac Meat
Artist: Tobacco
Label: Anticon
Release date: 28 Jun

Throwing caution to the wind and risking a libel action against The Skinny editorial: Tobacco, aka Tom Fec of Black Moth Super Rainbow semi-fame, may have indulged in something a little stronger than his chosen moniker would suggest whilst rolling up Maniac Meat.

Space-age synthesizers, demonic vocoders and abrasive, dirty beats are the jackpot prize, and Fec lets his funked up and twisted imagination blow the smoke in your eyes and stone-bake your ears. It’s discomforting, unsettling, and sinister to say the least, and them’s the positives. Unless you’re a synth wizard and know your Nords from your Moogs, Prophet-5 from your Jupiter-4, ZX Spectrum from your Atari ST1040 then over the course of 16 songs you may start to feel like you’re on one seriously bad acid trip that you'll be loath to repeat in a hurry. [Alan Souter]