Thomas Bromley - 'Two-Nine-Five'

we've all been subjected to it...

Album Review by Dave Reid | 16 Apr 2006
Label: 4 Real
At one time or another we've all been subjected to it. It starts with group e-mails which are sent to a disparate band of characters that we are somehow part of. We have to put up with the humourless asides to Liz, Giles and Polly, whoever they are. These e-mails are of course from a friend who is off discovering himself by "travelling" around the world. This basically means being ferried from one Aussie pub to another in a "magic" minibus. Having been cut off from any sort of decent contemporary culture he will return home clutching a CD by someone you've never heard of and he'll be telling you "you must listen to this, you'll love it!" You won't. It will be shite. 'Two-Nine-Five' by Thomas Bromley is that CD, so avoid it, unless you are reading this in a minibus on your way to a Full Moon Party. [Dave Reid]
Two-Nine-Five' is released on April 3.