The Sa Ra Creative Partners - Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love

Album Review by Joe Barton | 27 Aug 2009
  • The Sa Ra Creative Partners, Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love (Ubiquity Records)
Album title: Nuclear Evolution: The Age of Love
Artist: The Sa Ra Creative Partners
Label: Ubquity Records
Release date: 6 Sep

If you’re interested in knowing what the future of hip-hop is going to sound like, then The Sa-Ra Creative Partners have just laid out the blueprint. It’s a sound that both perfectly captures the zeitgeist, yet still manages to maintain a soulful, universal feel; on He Say She Say, for example, muted trumpet and soul-sista vocals keep things traditional, whilst the not-quite-there lead vocal conveys a sense of 21st century ennui. Similarly, on Dirty Beauty, a retro bass line wrestles against J Dilla style beats, whilst a time-stretched vocal wilts above the mix, seemingly exhausted by this combination of old and new. Despite all this innovation, the true appeal of the album is its organic feel; the tracks sound like they’re performed live, rather than wheeled off the production line, whilst raps are delivered with attention to flow and colourful personality. It may not yield commercial appeal, but Nuclear Evolution is, nevertheless, a rewarding listen.