The Ronelles - Motel

Bolt the doors and She Said No reek of future classics

Album Review by Chris Nordeng | 16 Apr 2006
Album title: Motel
Artist: The Ronelles
Label: Neon Tetra
When a band attempts to play blues-rock for the 21st century they (perhaps unintentionally) end up with the dynamic of a Stones tribute act or as a modernised version with an added pinch of the season's latest flavour. The four sons from Glasgow sneer at the former while landing closer to the latter due to poppy Strokes stompers (Ol' Horse Eyes) and punky Libertines escapades (Bolt the Doors). The boys got the true blues however and display a maturity and songwriting standard rarely seen on debut LPs. Previously mentioned Bolt the Doors and She Said No reek of future classics from the talented quartet. Unfortunately, 'Motel' also contains a handful of tunes that see them staggering about in a far too clichéd blues town which may not allow this album to stand out in the maelstrom. [Chris Nordeng]
Motel' is released on March 27.