The Qemists – Spirit in the System

Album Review by Mark Holland | 28 Jul 2010
  • The Qemists – Spirit in the System
Album title: Spirit in the System
Artist: The Qemists
Label: Ninja Tune
Release date: 16 Aug

In seeking to describe the second Qemists record to their potential audience, it is unlikely that many would be put off by any claim that it "lacks subtlety". Anyone familiar with Join the Q, their previous effort, will know that The Qemists are basically a cross between Pendulum and Do Me Bad Things (remember them?), and if you liked that then you will surely enjoy Spirit in the System too.

That is unless, of course, you have seen the light and grown up since February of last year. With guest vocalists on each track, The Qemists can be seen as a sort of Neanderthal equivalent to Gorillaz, except rather than De La Soul or Lou Reed it's Rob Hawkins of The Automatic (the ones with the song about the monster) sprinkling the magic dust upon the drums, the bass and the artistic black hole. [Mark Holland]