The Ninth Wave – Infancy Part 2

Concluding their audaciously-released debut album in triumphant fashion, Part 2 of Infancy shows The Ninth Wave are here to stay

Review by Dylan Tuck | 12 Nov 2019
  • The Ninth Wave – Infancy Part 1

Infancy Part 1 came as a collection of six songs which transitioned through the genres into one coherent, audacious little package. The second arrives as not only a continuation of that, but simultaneously a conclusion to Infancy with a set of stellar tracks.

Again, 80s influences vastly underpin the record's true quality, with their continued knack for large, swelling choruses matched equally by some wonderful electronic production and fizzing guitar work. Lead single Imitation is fuelled by the gallon on this notion, guided by bouncy rhythms and a hook-led chorus of epic, post-punk proportions.

Haydn Park-Patterson’s crooning vocals continue to glide gloriously alongside Millie Kidd’s on this collection’s rowdier moments, like the aforementioned Imitation and thunderous closer Flower Into Wounds. Yet the more reserved tracks like the brass-clad Human Behaviour, or the toy-box drumming of Sometimes the Silence Is Sweeter displays the duo's masterful ability to mix it up sonically. In all, the level of variation achieved on both this part and throughout the record as a whole, while still being coherent enough to follow down the same path, deserves great credit.

If Part 1 laid down a marker, then Part 2 pours cement over it, setting in stone The Ninth Wave as one of Scotland’s rare gems. Part 2 rounds off their debut project in tremendous style, and Infancy as a complete listen is both varied and dynamic, and the blueprint of their future success.

Listen To: Human Behaviour, Imitation, Sometimes the Silence Is Sweeter