The Lucid Dream – Songs of Lies and Deceit

Album Review by Sam Wiseman | 30 Jul 2013
  • The Lucid Dream - Songs of Lies and Deceit
Album title: Songs of Lies and Deceit
Artist: The Lucid Dream
Label: Holy Are You
Release date: 5 Aug

The debut from this Carlisle psych-rock quartet makes no attempt to hide its influences, but in its drawing of links across some impressively disparate territory – taking in Spector-esque pop, shoegaze and space rock – and the way it marshalls those influences into a cohesive whole, Songs of Lies and Deceit is a surprisingly mature record. Opener Hows Your Low When You’re Low Alone?, for example, is an amped-up, no-nonsense take on Spacemen 3’s driving narcotic noise.

As the LP progresses, the influence of acts including early Pink Floyd, Suicide and the Stone Roses becomes more apparent, as The Lucid Dream’s melodic sensibility comes to the fore. In contrast to acts like Deerhunter, whose use of effects creates something unmistakably contemporary, there is a certain vintage charm in TLD’s embrace of such influences. In its clear-sighted tracing of such connections, Deceit acquires an understated, nostalgic appeal over its 42 minutes. [Sam Wiseman]