The Lovely Eggs – Wildlife

Album Review by George Sully | 05 Nov 2012
  • The Lovely Eggs – Wildlife
Album title: Wildlife
Artist: The Lovely Eggs
Label: Cherryade
Release date: 26 Nov

On their third album, couple Holly Ross and David Blackwell have again gone to every effort to remind us that The Lovely Eggs are northern. Really. They’re very, very northern. And where some bands ‘try to be different’ but in a way that is somehow still creatively safe, The Lovely Eggs seem to not give a shit. They are purebred Lancaster punk and they will shout it in your face. This doesn’t bode well for their music, however.

The eighteen-track record features, among haphazard interludes and bonkers soundbites, songs which are either playfully absurd (Please Let Me Come Mooch Round Your House, Wildlife, and the deadpan insanity of Scooter Got Itchy) or boisterously catchy (Allergies, Food). Unfortunately, Holly’s accent veers from endearing to alienating, and the album’s thrashy bulk is droning and simplistic. Wildlife may be saved by its homespun vigour and charming indie character, but only just. Also, they’re northern.