The Little Willies - 'The Little Willies'

After listening to 'The Little Willies' the only stiff one you'll be wanting is of the alcoholic variety

Album Review by Billy Hamilton | 17 Mar 2006
Album title: 'The Little Willies'
Artist: The Little Willies
Label: Parlophone
Perhaps naming her current side-project 'The Little Willies' wasn't Norah Jones' brightest idea. Given its phallic connotations and the general concerted disdain towards her banal ballads, the music press must be loading this ammunition with glee. Granted, it's really an ode to country music legend Willie Nelson, but if he were ever to endure this abomination of a covers album you can be certain it's one Willie he'd happily cut off. Jones' nasal voice grinds immediately, transforming Fred Rose's Roly Poly into repugnant coffee table filler. Co-vocalist Richard Julian's take on Tennessee Stud is so bereft of inspiration it stagnates, and the rendition of Nelson's Gotta Get Drunk is at best contemptuously bland. Rest assured, after listening to The Little Willies the only stiff one you'll be wanting is of the alcoholic variety. [Billy Hamilton]
The Little Willies' is released on March 6.