The Little Kicks – Put Your Love In Front Of Me

Album Review by Omar J. Kudos | 18 Sep 2013
  • The Little Kicks – Put Your Love In Front Of Me
Album title: Put Your Love In Front Of Me
Artist: The Little Kicks
Label: Self-released
Release date: 30 Sep

The second album by Aberdeen's The Little Kicks, who describe their work as “upbeat indie disco pop that makes people dance,” has a lot going for it. Flawless muscianship, with no lack of ambition in terms of structure and composition, is on display in tracks like opener Better Things. They have an engaging presence up front in the form of lead singer Steven Milne.

His voice has a nice range, and shows off an adventurous melodic approach – there are as many points in common with Sons & Daughters as there are with Hot Chip, but this is in part the problem. For every clever, minimal synth-pop flourish (The Mess We're In) or delightfully shameless I Feel Love homage (Heartbreak Pt 1), there's a too-obvious solo ballad (Modern Romance) or by-the-numbers indie workout (like single Girl). They're undeniably infectious when they hit the peaks though. [Omar J. Kudos]

Playing Edinburgh's Wee Red Bar on 5 Oct and Glasgow's 13th Note on 16 Nov