The LaFontaines – Junior

The LaFontaines double down on their slick indie-rap combination on new album Junior, and tick all the right boxes in the process

Album Review by Dylan Tuck | 10 Jun 2019
  • The LaFontaines – Junior
Album title: Junior
Artist: The LaFontaines
Label: SO Recordings
Release date: 14 Jun

On their third album, it’s obvious that The LaFontaines have found the sound that works for them and are doubling down. Like past releases, they heavily embrace the rough edges of Kerr Okan’s broad Scots tongue, with fluidly spat bars the order of the day. Here he sounds more charged than ever, his energized, flowing delivery laced with wit and self-awareness. Yet, it’s the upbeat nature of the electronic-laced tracks like Up and Anything At All, that shows The LaFontaines' fun side.

Attention must also be given to the band’s trademark ability to write clean hooks, which is surely constructed with a live setting in mind. Arena/festival-friendly, accessible choruses designed to be shouted back in ear-splittingly loud fashion, as Switch Out the Light, the flamboyant, feel-good nature of Up, or Alpha's stomping texture, exemplify with great, memorable choruses.

From the chugging, boisterous, Don Broco-esque riffs, the slick indie-rap, or the chunky electronics, there’s a lot to be admired in the mash-up of sounds shown here. Fans of The LaFontaines know what the band’s all about by now – the fast bars, the proud Scottish identity, big ol’ hooks and the feeling of a good time. On those merits, Junior ticks all the boxes. [Dylan Tuck]

Listen to: All In, Up, Switch Out the Light